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Winter Warning- Nutrition Prevention of Chronic Diseases- Natto Complex

  • 9 years ago

Do you know why Japanese people has longer lifespan? The secret lies in a healthy cardiovascular health! As the weather turns cold, this is best for your friends or close ones who have chronic disorders such as heart disease or overweight problems to protect their health!

FEBICO® Natto Complex: Four-In-One Natto Complex

Product Features

  • Natto:
    Fermentation process creates unique active ingredients – Natto Kinase.
  • Red yeast rice:
    Naturally fermented red yeast contains multiple water-soluble enzymes, Sterols, isoflavone ingredients to promote metabolism and preserve health.
  • Astaxanthin:
    FEBICO extracts Astaxanthin from its proprietary red algae strand. Its antioxident ability is equal to 550 times of Vitamin E; therefore Astaxanthin is also called “Super Vitamin E”.
  • Coenzyme-Q10:
    It’s a very popular skincare product in Japan for its effective skin-lightening ability.

Major Functions

  • High concentration of Natto Kinase, with one tablet reaching the suggestive dosages by Japanese Natto Association: 2000 F.U./day.
  • Fermentation process does not involve chemical or physical extraction process and therefore contains the comprehensive nutrients and bioactivity of Natto kinase and red yeast rice.
  • Astaxanthin is extracted from the proprietary algae strand from FEBICO’s in-house cultivation site. 100% vegetable natural and safe for consumption. Not chemically synthesized.
  • Passed SGS test; no medical compound or heavy metal detected in the product. 100% safe!
  • Complex regime: Natto extract, red yeast rice, Coenzyme Q10, and Astaxanthin. Provides the best and comprehensive regime for cardiovascular health.



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