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Top 5 Bee Pollen Health Benefits

  • 5 years ago
During cold winter months, it’s easy to get sick, not only because of temperature but also because in winter it’s harder to eat properly. Difficult access to fresh vegetables and fruits causes the lack of vitamins and minerals. An excellent way to fight these deficiencies is the cousin of honey – bee pollen. It is a real superfood, that is full of precious vitamins and minerals.
Where to find bee pollen and how to use it?

Bee Pollen – Where it comes from?

Bee pollen is – as the name suggests – pollen of flowering plants collected by bees and partially processed. Bees process pollen into small balls and carry them to the hive so that after further digestion, pollen becomes food for them.

To get the bee pollen, the beekeeper sets a special pollen catcher at the entrance to the beehive. Pollen catcher catches bee pollen as bees enter the hive and after drying, pollen is ready for consumption.

Bee Pollen – How does it work?

You don’t need to be a scientist to believe in the beneficial effects of bee pollen. Just imagine that each ball contains about 100,000 different grains from many plants, including plants such as St John’s wort, wild rose, and dandelion. All the benefits that can be found in these herbs are therefore accumulated in pollen.

Top 5 Bee Pollen Health Benefits

1. Bee Pollen is a Great Source of Protein

Among the protein amino acids present in the pollen, we find as many as 10 essential amino acids, i.e., those that our body does not produce and which we must provide ourselves, along with food. That means that pollen perfectly supplements protein deficiencies and therefore should be eaten by vegetarians and people on a diet.

2. Bee Pollen is a Hunger Stopper

A spoon of pollen dissolved in warm water makes you feel less hungry. That makes bee pollen a perfect aid while you are on a diet. If you like coffee or tea, you can even add bee pollen to your hot drinks, it won’t affect its health benefits.

3. Bee Pollen Enhances Your Immunity

Bee pollen is a source of selenium, manganese, and zinc, which have a significant effect on the immune system. In turn, iron, copper, cobalt, and manganese help in the prevention and treatment of some forms of anemia.

Flower pollen is also recommended for people after long and exhausting treatments, also after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Why? It allows you to instantly fill in the shortages necessary of life elements like vitamins and minerals.

4. Bee Pollen Makes Your Hair Beautiful

Thanks to the zinc content, consumption of pollen positively affects the condition of the hair. In turn, riboflavin (vitamin B2) improves your eyesight.

5. Bee Pollen is an Antodum For Modern, Unhealthy Lifestyle

Bee pollen is recommended to all those who often eat fast foods and so-called ready-made products. Bee pollen detoxifies the body of excess caffeine, nicotine, and toxins, has anti-inflammatory and anti-atherosclerotic effects, and above all, it supplements substances that are washed out by bad diet.

If you lack energy during winter, pollen enriched coffee or tea gives a good energy kick, which is useful at work or while you study at college.

The five benefits of bee pollen that we mentioned are just a fraction of the beneficial effects of this superfood.

How to add bee pollen into your diet?

First, it’s a good idea to grind pollen, and then store it in a dry place, away from the sun. One teaspoon of pollen daily should be enough to give you all the benefits we mentioned.

If you have a cold or you lack vitamins, you can take as many as 4-8 teaspoons of pollen per day in divided doses, approximately half an hour before a meal. Don’t worry, you can’t overdose bee pollen 🙂

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