Spirulina Helps in Exercise and in Sport

Spirulina Helps in Exercise and in Sport

  • 3 years ago

Spirulina contains more than 60 natural vital nutrients, is easily digested and is fully absorbed by the body within half an hour. In contrast to ordinary food you can take Spirulina just before or even during the competition. Because Spirulina reduces the feeling of hunger and still supplies the required energy, it is ideal for use when training around meal times.


Faster recovery

After a heavy training session or competition, the muscles are full of carbon dioxide and lactic acid, waste products that can cause muscle pain and delay recovery. The cleansing action of Spirulina speeds up the removal of these waste products from the body. Also Spirulina replaces the minerals that have been lost due to perspiration. The consequence: your body can recover sooner. A faster recovery means that you can begin training again faster. And training more often eventually increases your performance level.


More stamina

Spirulina ensures an optimal metabolism during competition. And metabolism means: conversion of food into energy. By means of this uniform energy addition you avoid a dip while participating in sports. Using Spirulina you do not become exhausted as fast and you can keep going longer.


Higher resistance

Excessive and heavy training can lower you resistance. If you cool down too quickly, for example in wet and wintry weather, you are certainly risking problems. Due to its enormous richness in vital substances, Spirulina quickly replenishes any shortages and increases your resistance. The chances of catching a cold or flu are reduced. So you will not miss any further training sessions.


Power drink for power sports

Spirulina does not only help you to keep your weight down, you can also use it to gain weight, for example for body building or other strength sports. Power athletes who want to become more muscular can mix Spirulina with a power drink. For example, make a shake with bananas, eggs or powdered egg white, fruit juice and honey. Spirulina powder can be simply mixed with all types of protein drink and other sport nourishment. The algae ensure better absorption of the nutrients.

Therefore, spirulina remain the protein source of choice for vegetarian and vegan body-builders seeking to improve muscle mass. Let’s find out the best spirulina products for you and try it out!

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