Spirulina for radiation exposure

Spirulina for radiation exposure

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Spirulina for radiation exposure? Yes! Spirulina can protect you from harmful radiation. If you a frequent flyer or your job exposes you to dangerous radiation levels, taking spirulina can help you and reduce the negative effects of radioactive exposure.

Spriulina for radiation exposure

We wrote before about spirulina and radiation. It is proven that spirulina decreases radiation dose load received from food. It is also proven that spirulina promotes the evacuation of radionucleides from the human body. Back in 1989 Chinese researchers found that spirulina had a protective effect against gamma radiation in mice. But that’s not all. Other research fund that spirulina can reduce allergic reactions from radiation sickness.

Who should take spirulina for radiation protection?

Spirulina is beneficial not only to people exposed to high levels of radiation. Frequent flyers, airline pilots (including aircrew), military personnel, and even miners are exposed to dangerous radiation.

If you enjoy sunbathing, have frequent x-rays or just want to  healthier, it might be a good idea to add chlorella and spirulina to your daily diet. But be careful. Not every spirulina is safe, sometimes it can contain heavy metals. Then, some vegetables, and spirulina from Japan can actually be radioactively contaminated.


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