Dangers of spirulina

Spirulina, A Food With Complete Nutrition

  • 3 years ago

Spirulina is rich in protein, Vitamin B group, amino acids, trace elements. Vitamin B group and the composition of amino acids can help improve the body’s metabolism, enhance strength and endurance.

Spirulina itself is a food with complete nutrition, especially rich in protein, Vitamin B group, amino acids, and trace elements. In our everyday nutritional supplements, Vitamin B group and the composition of amino acids can help improve the body’s metabolism, enhance strength and endurance. For the busy and tiring lifestyle of modern times, Spirulina can be the most suitable nutritional supplement.

Spirulina is an alkaline food which is rich in nutrients and has many function. It can adjust poor immunity acidic physiques into alkaline physiques, allowing the body to avoid sicknesses. It contains iron and vitamin B12, and long-term consumption may improve anemia. It also contains γ-linolenic acid (GLA), which is effective for lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. It is also capable of providing protection for liver cells, increase beneficial intestinal microorganisms, and a variety of other functions.

Consumption of Spirulina can help improve the immune system. Theβ-glucan in Spirulina is a natural polysaccharide, and has shown in numerous studies that it has the ability to improve immune systems. Spirulina also increases macrophages. Experiments were done on lab mice to prove that the polysaccharide and phycocyanin found in Spirulina, improves the cell’s immunity and serum protein, where bone marrow, thymus and spleen had shown improved reproductive ability. An American research shows that Spirulina diluted with water can increase chicken’s macrophages. In1993~1994, further evidence shows that chicken feed, when added with Spirulina, can improve immune functions without any side effects. When used on humans, Spirulina can help accelerate the production of antibodies and interleukin, enhancing the ability to resist harmful bacteria. spirulina powder

Spirulina contains rich phycocyanin that influences stem cells found in the bone marrows. Stem cells are the source of immune system’s white blood cells and the red blood cells that transfers oxygen. Chinese scientists found out that phycocyanin can stimulate hemopoietic, which is produced by healthy kidneys for the production of stem cells. Even if the stem cells are damaged by toxic or radiation, phycocyanin can assist by regulating the production of white blood cells.

A good immune system will determine whether a person is healthy or not, and the completion of a balanced nutrition is a key point to maintaining the immune system. For balanced nutrition and improved immune system, it is suggested to use Spirulina as an everyday necessity, so that one can maintain healthy.


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