Say No To Synthetic Vitamins, Green Vitamins Work in Synergy

  • 3 years ago

*What is synthetic vitamin? 
Chemical Vitamins are synthesized from labs and it is an isomeric form of natural substance, i.e. its structurally the same but is not compatible with other natural ingredient. For example, when we eat green vegetables or fruits such as grapefruit, its rich source of vitamins and flavonoid work in sync to enhance a better utilization, whereas synthetic vitamin C alone cannot achieve the same level of efficacy. In addition, it is easy to overdose synthesized vitamins C, long term intake of vitamin C might increase the risk of oxalate stones in the kidney, cause pain and discomfort.

*What is green vitamin? 
Green vitamins refer to the natural food that contains chlorophyll (gives vegetables the green color). The 2010 USDA myplate recommends taking 1/2 of the plates with vegetables and fruits, however we are consuming a lot of calories with no few or no nutrition values from sugar-added food or

Green vitamins such as alfalfa, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina have dietary fibers and vitamins from natural vegetables and no ingredients is chemically altered or derived. Out of all the green vitamins, spirulina and chlorella are the superb green food because of its nutrition diverse profile that can supplement the malnutrition diet we have. Spirulina and chlorella are ideal whole foods which provides 200% more proteins than chicken or milk on a gram by gram basis, and a very rich source of zinc, iron,

*How is the manufacturing process different between synthetic vitamins and green vitamins? 
Synthesized vitamin E is obtained from the byproduct of petrochemstry, the very same production as petroleum oil, whereas naturally we can intake vitamin E from vegetable oils, nuts, or fortified cereals. Most of other vitamins are organically synthesized with various organic solvent and different chemical method. To preserve the integrity of the synthesized vitamins, stabilizers are added to protect from high temperature or sunlight; therefore it makes them harder to dissolve in the water.

Green vitamins such as spirulina and chlorella are cultivated outdoor under plenty of sunlight and clean water source. With good manufacturing control (HACCP, ISO9001 or ISO22000) and USDA organic certifications, we can be ensure there is no use of chemicals during the entire process and cause less chemical waste to protect the environment.

*How do I pick good green vitamins? 
Good green vitamins should compose the following attributes:

Natural health products can help you in many ways. They contain no artificial preservatives and chemicals that could harm your body. If you can find the best natural products, then you can make your body healthier.

USDA organic refers to how the food is produced, processed and handled without chemicals. Organic certification guarantees no pesticides and practice natural way of cultivation; minimize the damages on the environment.

Health benefits 
Chlorophyll to plants is what red blood cells to humans. Studies have shown that chlorophyll might remove the toxins found in the body. Within about a week, you can start to experience energy boost and healthier skins reflected from a cleaner body.


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