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15 Clever Ways To Keep Your House Cool in Summer (Without AC)

  • 5 years ago

Long-lasting heat is troublesome, especially in cities.  How to deal with hot weather at home, when you have no AC, or you want to save money? It turns out that there are many effective ways to cool the air in the apartment and increase the comfort of the household.

Here are a few of them:

#1 Ventilate yourself

a table with an electric fan on top of it

If you want to cool the home, get a device that sets the air in motion.

It can be an electric fan, a battery-operated fan or a paper fan.

To increase the cooling effect, you can place a bowl of ice or a few plastic bottles with frozen water in front of the fan.

Such a “filter” will strengthen the cooling effect and make the air more humid. Likewise, wet bed sheets suspended in front of the fan will work in a similar way.

#2 Open windows at night, close them during the day

a window

Apartments receive the most sunlight and hot air through the windows.

Therefore, in countries where heat is the most annoying and long-lasting, external blinds are installed in the windows. They are one of the best ways of protection from heat.

What to do if you don’t have external blinds? Most people, when going to work, leave the windows open for the entire day. After returning from an air-conditioned office, however, it turns out that instead of a well-ventilated apartment and cool apartment, they find unbearable heat and stiffness.

Opening windows wide, when it’s over 86F outside, makes sense only when the air is fresh, i.e., practically only at dawn. To keep your apartment cool, keep the windows closed for the greatest insolation. Otherwise, stifling air will get into the apartment.

To ensure adequate ventilation, just slightly open the window. Whenever possible, open only those windows that are not exposed to sunlight at the moment.

It is worth opening windows for the night when the outdoor temperature falls below the one that prevails in the apartment.

If you are staying in a flat during the day, it is a good idea to hang a damp sheet in front of the window. The air passing through the fabric will quickly lower the temperature in the apartment.

#3 Turn off electrical devices

a light bulb

All kinds of electric gadgets, computers, TV sets, bulbs generate a lot of heat, so if possible, turn them off when you do not have to use them. Not only it will help you save energy but will also effectively lower the temperature in the apartment.

#4 An Egyptian Secret Of Staying Cool In The Heat

Men and their horses in front of the Great Pyramid in Egypt

The Egyptians know many effective methods of coping with the heat. One of the best known is to make a bed sheet or towel wet with cold water and use them instead of quilts. If you want to prevent the mattress from getting wet, place an extra dry towel under a wet sheet.

#5 Hammock as a Bed

A dog standing next to a person relaxing in a hammock

If you have some creativity, suitable housing, and a hammock – you can use it as a bed.

This type of bed helps you ventilate your body, especially when combined with an electric fan.

You should suspend the hammock as low as possible (warm air always goes up). For the same reason, in a two-story house, it is worth to move from the attic to the rooms located as low as possible during the hot weather.

#6 Cold Compress

ice in water

All you need is to freeze the water in a plastic bottle, and there you go, you have your personal cooling device ready.

Then, you can use that frozen bottle to cool your body. You can also carry a frozen bottle of water with you during the day. It is useful for making cold compresses, and after it melts, you can drink the cold water and cools yourself even further.

If you bring the frozen water bottle with you, wrap the bottle in a towel to prevent getting things wet in your bag.

#7 Acclimate to Hot Weather


Give yourself time to get used to the heat.

The human body does not like sudden temperature jumps.

The process of acclimatization can take up to several days, sometimes weeks.

It is best to minimize the physical activity during this period, which raises the temperature of our body. Wait until the heat becomes more bearable for you. As soon as you feel that the heat has made you tired, take some rest.

#8 Take a Cold Shower

feet in water

Frequent cool showers are probably the most effective and easiest way to cool the body.

You can also pour icy water into a bowl and dip your feet in it. Just a few minutes with cold tap water is an equally effective way to cool the body.

It is also worth pouring clean water into a bottle with a dispenser and put it in the fridge for some time. When you feel hot, just spray the face and body with it. It works magic!

#9 Cosmetics for Hot Weather

cosmetics on a table

Avoid perfumes, especially sweet and intense. Not only they will raise the temperature of the body, but they can attract insects.

Reduce your daily make-up to a minimum – a bit of matting foundation to reduce the excess sebum is enough.

You can keep some of the cosmetics for in the fridge – applying a cold balm will work as a cold compress.

If you have long hair, try to pin them so that they are as far as possible from the face and arms.

#10 What To Drink in Hot Weather?

Avoid alcohol, coffee, and carbonated beverages – they do not kill the thirst, and they can dehydrate you.

Instead, prepare a refreshing lemonade or non-alcoholic drinks.

You can also reach for frozen treats such as ice cream, sorbets, and frozen fruit. On hot days, the basis of the daily diet should be water, which allows you to keep the body in the right condition and prevent dehydration.

Every now and then, drink a few sips of water, even if you do not feel thirsty. To check if you are not dehydrated, see the frequency of urination and its color. Dark color indicates that the body needs more fluids.

#12 What To Eat On Hot Days?

plate full of fruits

It’s best to eat salads, vegetables, and fruits on hot days.

Avoid fried meat and hard-to-eat high-protein foods that can increase metabolic heat production and cause water loss.

It is also worth planning such dishes that do not need using the oven or long cooking. You should remember that kitchen appliances emit a lot of heat, and the steam that is rising during cooking intensifies the feeling of heat.

Maybe summer is the perfect moment to experiment a bit in the kitchen – prepare something from raw vegetables?

#13 Dress Properly

girl wearing dress

Properly selected wardrobe will let you withstand hot temperatures. Give up on tight clothes, instead try to choose loose, airy fabrics in bright colors that reflect the sun’s rays.

The best choice is t-shirts and shorts, but if you plan to go outside, it is worth to wear a breathable shirt with long sleeves and long trousers – they will protect the body against harmful UV rays.

On hot days, cotton and linen fabrics work best. Watch out for synthetic materials that increase body temperature (except functional clothing explicitly designed to lower the body temperature).

Also, give up wearing metal accessories and jewelry that can get extremely hot due to the temperature. When you are outside, do not forget to wear headgear. A straw hat with a large brim will effectively protect against the sun and give shade.

In the case of extremely high temperatures, however, the hat may stop the heat and make you feel even hotter. In this case, it is better to put on a bandana, which not only absorbs the excess of sweat from the forehead, but it also allows its evaporation. You won’t win a fashion contest, but it will cool your head.

#14 Footwear For Hot Weather

Choose shoes made of breathable materials. Flip-flops are perfect for the beach, but you will not necessarily be comfortable wearing them during everyday activities. If you need more stable footwear, choose sandals or sports shoes. Canvas sneakers work best.

If you decide to go barefoot, be careful. Some surfaces heat up quickly during hot weather and can cause burns. In places such as a park or beach, it is also worth protecting your feet from sharp objects.

#15 Plan your Day


On hot days you do not have to sit still at home. On the contrary, when the sun is the strongest (from 11.00 to 15.00), try to spend as much time as possible in air-conditioned rooms.

You do not have to visit shopping malls or ice cream parlors – cinemas and public buildings, such as a library or museum, are in most cases equipped with air conditioning.

How about you? What are your ways and ideas to protect yourself from heat?

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