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Hunor Mate, the Austrian record holder takes FEBICO’s Organic Chlorella and Organic Spirulina to optimize performance!

  • 9 years ago

Hunor Mate was born on 13th of March 1983 in Szeged, Hungary. With a passion for swimming, Hunor started swimming at a very young age and have continued to dominate the breaststroke races.

Swimming at such competitive levels, Hunor is constantly looking to enhance his swimming performance through endless training. Through excessive training, Hunor’s body was not getting the rest and repairs that were required. His coach immediately contacted FEBICO in request of FEBICO products. FEBICO introduced their organic chlorella and organic spirulina to Hunor, and he has been feeling fantastic and energetic ever since.

“In the month that I took the organic chlorella and organic spirulina, I felt much fresher, I recovered faster training to training. It was really helpful because I have felt that I had energy in my body that I haven’t felt in a long time! For example: In February; when I had a hard training week, I was able to push the workouts from Monday through Saturday (11 sessions) with a stable good performance and when I do the same week without the products I’m worn out after 4 sessions and its very hard to recover (I can confirm this feeling and the training results based from and last week and this week since I haven’t been taking the products.”

Hunor is now expected to compete in the 2012 London Olympics.

Swimming Achievements/ Titles

  • 5 Austrian National Records
  • 22 Time Austrian National Champion (2007 to 2012)
  • 12 Time Hungarian National Champion (1998 to 2005)
  • 22 years of swimming in National and International level
  • Currently Ranked among the Top 15 in the World
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