What is Apogen?

Q & A -Apogen®

Q1: What is Apogen®?

A: Apogen® is a trademarked ingredient owned by FEBICO used in a system of products that contains specific microalgae protein extracts that have been shown to prevent viral infections, particularly influenza, in Journal of Medical Virology1 and in the USA Patent2.

Q2: How Is Apogen® Tablets Used?

A: To create a “firewall” against viral infections we recommend using Apogen® as health lozenges and let the tablets slowly dissolve in mouth. Take 1 tablet, three times a day after meals to give a beneficial blue coating within the oral cavity, throat and esophagus to protect against influenza. Do not drink liquids and wash down the beneficial blue coating. We recommend taking one tablet at night before sleeping. Place one tablet in the mouth and let it slowly dissolve over night. You will find that this is the effective way in creating a “firewall” against viral infection. We have micro-encapsulated Apogen® for by-passing the stomach digestive enzymes and making a protection coating in the small intestines to fight against virus.

Q3: Is Apogen® Safe?

A: Yes! Apogen® products are made from natural spirulina microalgae protein extracts and contain 100% all natural and certified organic ingredients. Spirulina has a long history of human consumption and was eaten regularly by North Africans and Mexicans centuries ago. More than 70 countries have approved Spirulina as a safe food for human consumption.

Q4: Is Apogen® the best quality?

A: Yes! Apogen® Products are produced under ISO 9001 Certificated Quality Management System and Germany Organic Spirulina Culture approval.

Q5: Is Apogen® available?

A: Yes. Contact Far East Biotech for more information. Apogen® is available in powder, tablet, chewable tablet, tincture and micro-encapsulated forms.

Q6: What are applications for Apogen®?

A: As a daily nutritional supplement, Apogen® is available in powder, chewable tablets, capsule, granule and micro- encapsulated fine crystals (dissolves intestinally). As a nutritional ingredient in food, Apogen® can be applied in yogurt, juice, milk, ice cream, chewing gum, jelly and candy.

Q7: Where are the microalgae produced?

A: Far East Biotech microalgae farm, the world’s only spring water cultivated microalgae farm, grows microalgae under scientifically controlled conditions and under ISO 9001 Certificated Quality Management System. It is located in Southern tip of Taiwan where remote, uncontaminated spring water source is fed into the 140,000 square meters microalgae culturing pools and is organically certified by Germany. We are able to produce over 100 tons of pure Spirulina powder, 200 tons of Chlorella powder and 20 tons of Reishi powder annually from proprietary processes developed by FEBICO bioengineers.