Febico’s Christmas Gift Guide

Febico’s Christmas Gift Guide

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Here at Febico we love Christmas, that’s why we have prepared three sets. They are perfect for your friends and family and they will definitely make them healthier. This year we picked up something for kids, elderly and finally, something for you, because who doesn’t like “self-gifting”? 🙂

So, here are our gifts sets:

Gift for elderly:



We have prepared a set of FEBICO® Natto Complex, FEBICO® Glucosamine +MSM Capsules, and FEBICO® Bright Eyes Softgel.

This set provides a perfect solution for your beloved parents or grandparents. Natto complex can prevent heart diseases, myocardial infarction, and Alzheimer’s disease. Glucosamine capsules will improve the flexibility of joints and provide pain relief . And Bright Eyes Softgel will protect eyes.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”http://store.febico.com/products/gift-for-the-elderly-family-member-febico-natto-complex-febico-glucosamine-msm-capsules-febico-bright-eyes-softgel.html” ]Get the gift for elderly[/button]

Gift for kids:



For kids, we have prepared FEBICO Children Bright Eyes, Apogen® Children Granule, and Vegetable DHA Algae Oil Capsule.

Bright eyes will protect kid’s vision not only during skiing when eyes are exposed to UV but also during long periods of Holiday gaming or TV watching. Apogen will take care of immunity and protect your children from flu. And our algae DHA oil will improve memory and learning ability to give kids the boost when they come back to school after Holidays.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”http://store.febico.com/products/healthy-gifts-for-kids-febico-children-bright-eyes-apogen-children-granule-vegetable-dha-algae-oil-capsule.html” ]Get the gift for your kids[/button]

Gift for you:



Did you know some people may get 7-10 pounds during Christmas? Stress and overeating are here to blame. That’s why we came up with our weight-losing set. Our Chlorella, Apogen probiotics, and our patented LS-66 probiotics will help you stay in shape during and after Christmas.

Chlorella is well known for slimming effects, LS-66 will help you digest after overeating and boost your metabolism. Finally, Apogen probiotic will give your immune system a boost and protect you from the flu and cold.

[button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”http://store.febico.com/products/gift-to-beat-belly-fat-febico-ls66-probiotics-febico-organic-chlorella-powder-apogen-probiotics-granule.html” ]Get the gift for yourself[/button]


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