FEBICO Apogen Tincture: The Daily Dose to Build a Firewall for Our Immune Systems

  • 3 years ago

With the flu season approaching quickly, we need to be wary of the many types of influenza viruses that can easily come our way. The cold weather itself is not the sole reason for all the unpleasant viruses that find us, it is because people tend to stay indoors more often when it is cold outside, and end up in places with high densities of people, which puts us all at higher risk for coming in close proximities with infectious microbes as they spread from one person to the next easily. Catching the flu is a matter that should be treated with seriousness because it might cause other illnesses to get worse, such as bronchitis, sinus infection, asthma, and arthritis.

If we do unfortunately get a cold or the flu, it will be a bit too late to do much about it other than just trying to relieve the aching symptoms and pains. Instead of merely searching for relief after we get ill, it is crucial to take preventive measures as early as we can because it will, in fact, take a good few weeks to build up a solid and durable immune system. So it would be a smart idea to start taking action in October or November, as it would be a tad too late to start enhancing our immune systems when the weather is already freezing cold.

And by taking action, it is, of course, obligatory to eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis to maintain our immune systems, but it is also imperative to take supplements because our bodies are not able to produce the nutrients it needs by itself. And it certainly is challenging to obtain the sufficient amount of nutrition for our bodies through our diets in this current age of over processed foods and foods that are imbued with pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

FEBICO offers Apogen Tincture, which is one of the products from their Apogen line, that you can just conveniently drop under your tongue every day to strengthen your immune system. FEBICO’s unique Apogen Microalgae Protein Extract is extracted from a unique strand of spirulina and it will display a beautiful blue color under normal lighting conditions. Apogen does not kill viruses, it instead creates a firewall against viral infections and helps to prevent the flu or lessen the severity of it. Apogen has been scientifically proven to boost your immune system effectively and it can be taken daily with absolutely no side effects at all. The tincture form is especially beneficial for quick absorption. We all know the awful aches and pains that come with becoming ill, so it is critical to keep your immune system staunch and vigorous at all times. You can start armoring your immune system by taking FEBICO’s Apogen Tincture, which even has a mint flavor for an enjoyable and refreshing taste!

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