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FEBICO® Organic Certified Chlorella/Spirulina Advantages

  • 9 years ago


Check it out! Organic is our commitment to provide the cleanest, and best quality microalgae to you.

FEBICO®  Organic Certified Chlorella/Spirulina Advantages:

  • Largest microalgae supplier in Asia (Taiwan).
  • Microalgae cultivated in an unpolluted, native environment.
  • Multiple certifications attributed from professional research team.
  • Certified by USDA National Organic Program (NOP), Naturland organic from Germany, Halal Certificate.
  • High-valued biotechnology company.
  • Pure, Natural, Sun-Grown, No Debris, No Contaminations, No Binders.
  • All Natural Organic Process Patent Pending.


Our chlorella and spirulina have been Naturland organic certified for 13 consecutive years. What a record!



FEBICO is the only company that receives so many organic certifications from all over the world.



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