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EBOLA defense spray – APOX

  • 6 years ago

FEBICO (ALGAPHARMA BIOTECH CORP.) is biotechnology company with over 40  years of history in developing health products, biomedical reagents, and new drugs.

In 2010, FEBICO was approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as a new biotech company. The company focuses on the development of influenza, enterovirus, and hepatitis B drugs. Among them, FB1603 has obtained the preliminary clinical results of curing hepatitis B. FEBICO hopes to find strategic partners for drug development and hopes to expand the capacity of international health products and biomedical reagents market.


photo of apox spray bottle

While we are preparing for the Boston Bio 2018 Exhibition, Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo is going through the largest epidemic of Ebola with the Black Death in the recent history.

FEBICO has been developing anti-virus technology for 20 years and is well-known in the United States. Research has proven that FEBICO’s FEM-101 algae strain active ingredients can effectively inhibit the Ebola virus, and during the drug development process, this technology was first applied to ApoX antiviral spray.

Recently Febico has been negotiating with African businesses about the need for help from Far East Biotech.

During Boston Bio 2018 FEBICO will also unveil new products for prevention and treating of the global emerging infectious viruses.

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