Daily Protection From Flu and Virus Just For You by FEBICO

  • 3 years ago

Viruses are exposed very frequently nowadays, mostly spread through saliva and contact. It is also often seen in everyday news, the reports and cases of new viruses contracted by people who have weaker immune systems such as children, elderly, and frequent travelers in and out of public areas.

Just like the wide spread of Enterovirus during the summer season, infection symptoms are appearance of small blisters or ulcers in the mouth, palms, and the soles of the feet. Serious symptoms are drowsiness; unconsciousness, weakness in limbs; muscle twitching; coughing, vomiting; shortness of breath and other symptoms, leading to pneumonia, myocarditis and other fatal complications. The Rotavirus is popular during the change between the seasons of autumn and winter. Common infection symptoms are fever, vomiting, diarrhea, serious cases may lead to severe dehydration, convulsions, shock and death. The influenza is also a common virus during this time of the year. When infected, it could cause fever, headache, muscle pain and other symptoms, easily leading to bronchitis, pneumonia, encephalitis and other complications. Therefore the prevention of viruses is absolutely vital. Also, viruses are fond of affecting children because of weak immune systems, and parents are normally the carriers of viruses who transmit the viruses. Therefore, the whole family should be aware of viruse attacks and start precautioning it whenever possible.

Apogen® series products main ingredient consists of a patented extract from the self-produced microalgae Spirulina- Apogen® Phycobiliprotein Protein. Research has proven that it is a broad-based inhibitor of viruses and capable of preventing viruses such as the Enterovirus, Rotavirus, and Influenza. The Apogen® Phycobiliprotein can form a protective layer to prevent the intrusion of viruses, similar to the effects of putting oxygen masks onto cells, simultaneously forming a protective firewall around people’s health. The Apogen® series products contains no harmful products, and can be consumed by children from the age of and even pregnant women.

For protection against all sorts of viruses, the concept of “Prevention rather than treatment” should be emphasized. Apart from the regular exercise and balanced dieting to increase immunity, it is often recommended to avoid public areas, wash hands often, wear masks, and to use FEBICO’s Apogen® series products to provide safety against viruses for the whole family.

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