Chlorella Vulgaris: Scientific Studies To Support Cardiovascular Health!

  • 3 years ago

Long work hours, too much pressure, and not getting your fix of exercise, are all strong causes for high metabolic disorders. Many young men and women were found to have around 140 to 150 milligrams of mercury in their bodies. People’s cholesterol rises when they are under too much pressure and as a result, their uric acid and triglycerides go up too. People of the working class should get blood checks regularly and women should also get tests for anemia. Staying up late, drinking, and smoking are also reasons for why triglycerides can go up.

The parameters for metabolic syndrome are central obesity, triglyceride, HDL-C, blood pressure, and fasting plasma glucose. 25% of the U.S. population is at risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. Men that are at least forty years old need to start paying attention to their cardiovascular health, whether the nature of their job requires them to run around closing sales or sitting at their office all day. They need to start taking heed of their liver, gallbladder, and kidney by getting ultrasound tests regularly. People now have more irregularities when it comes to hormones and thyroids because of their busy work schedules. Doctors say men in their thirties should get thyroid function tests and check for Hepatitis B and C.

The chances of getting high cholesterol is increasing because people nowadays do not really pay attention to what they eat and drink, which in turn will cause people to get high metabolic disorders or cancer. Uric acid and strokes are closely related while blood levels and vascular disease also have a close relationship. Some people even think that slim people will not be at risk for high cholesterol, which is a big misconception.

For men that are soon becoming middle-aged or already are, their strength and endurance is challenged under the pressure of being the breadwinner. It’d be a good idea to get checkups regularly and take supplements to ensure that your health is in tiptop shape.

FEBICO has Premium Chlorella CV-66 Vulgaris, which has been approved to be a triglyceride lowering health food by the Taiwan Department of Health Authority. It lowers triglycerides significantly and a study done by National Taiwan Ocean University has shown that CV-66 lowers the triglyceride level by 34% in just eight weeks! It also has the many benefits of chlorella, such as improving your digestive system, removing heavy metals and dioxins, and normalizing blood sugar and blood pressure. FEBICO’s CV-66 also has a special patented ‘Cracked Cell Wall’ process that enhances the chlorella absorption rate from 40% to 80%. Other than taking the preliminary measures such as going to sleep early, quitting smoking or drinking, etc, everybody should also be taking good care of his or her body by taking the right supplements to do so.

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