Febico Sorokina 3 in 1

Chlorella vs. Spirulina. And the winner is … Febico Sorokina 3 in 1


Chlorella and spirulina are very similar, yet they have different properties. Both are blue-green algae, both are great sources of protein and essential nutrients.

Chlorella is especially well known to help boost healthy cell growth, regenerate tissues in the body, and even help repair severe immune deficiencies. It’s a common favorite ingredient used among vegan athletes.

Spirulina is also high in growth like properties, known to aid in heart health, digestive health, longevity, boost brain health, and is richer in Vitamin B12  than chlorella (thanks to our special enriched vitamin b12 complex), containing over 150% of your daily values. It is also high in magnesium, zinc, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K.

How to choose between those two?

Chlorella vs. Spirulina

The simple answer is – eat both! Spirulina and chlorella complement each other and only by eating both you can fully boost your health. But eating them both can be not only expensive but also inconvenient – it’s many tablets to swallow each day! That’s why manufacturers invented 2 in 1 tablets combining spirulina and chlorella.

We took a look at 2 in 1 products and we found out it’s not enough either. Then took one step further by adding algae oil to the mix. That’s how we have created our Febico Sorokina 3 in 1. Sorokina 3 in 1 is the complete source of vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. Thanks to algae oil, a vegetarian source of  DHA omega -3 fatty acids,  you can provide your body with essentials fats. All of these benefits in just one supplement.

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