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chlorella improves digestion

Improve your digestion with Chlorella

  • 6 years ago

In the past, people didn’t have as many intestinal problems as they have now. Why? It’s simple – there was no such thing as processed food, fast foods, deep-fried foods or sodas in the past. Nowadays, food is usually low in nutritional value, high in calories and salt. This is a huge problem for the stomach and the entire body


Unhealthy diet and the digestive system

chlorella for digestion

The more fast foods and processed foods we eat, the more we expose the digestive system to problems which can cause discomfort. The biggest problem is that this kind of food is not nutritious. And when the diet lacks nutrients, there starts constipation, stomach pains, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, diverticulitis…

Healthy digestion system

Many doctors and specialists in the field of healthy eating, bearing in mind the health of the patient, pay attention to the digestive processes. However, few people are aware that obesity or malnutrition causes many diseases. This is due not only to “bad” foods but also to the fact that these people experience difficulty digesting food.

Chlorella’s Effect on Digestion

Chlorella has long been used in natural medicine as a dietary supplement. Chlorella is grown in a freshwater environment and it’s rich in minerals. Nutritional value of this algae has long fascinated scientists. What’s, even more, fascinating is the fact how high-quality Chlorella is rich in vitamins and minerals. And finally, how well it cleans your body from toxins and improves intestinal function.

Chlorella has about 80% vegetable protein. It is rich in nucleic acids and has very high levels of vitamin A (beta carotene). In addition, it is also a rich source of vitamin C and iron. Chlorella is an effective remedy for anemia or malnutrition. It enriches and cleanses the blood as well as improves the work of the nervous system and brain. It works closely with the immune system, helps to remove toxins from the body and fights off harmful bacteria.

This improves the body’s ability to defend against contamination such as smog, pesticides and harmful elements present in the environment around us. These fine algae can also be used to combat free radicals. Chlorella has high levels of chlorophyll and can be used as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Moreover, Chlorella contains natural digestive and other enzymes. Plus, causes the healthy lactic bacteria in the gut to grow 4 times as fast as normally, improving digestion.

Chlorella – effects

cholrella digestionChlorella is available in powder form as well as in tablets. You should see improvements in your health as soon as 3 months of taking chlorella. Improved mood and digestion are visible as soon as after 3 weeks of regular use of this alga.

And how to take Chlorella?

Best in the evening, because of the fiber which will improve your bowel movements. Plus, after a day when the body is exposed to toxins and contaminated environment, it will help you in detoxification.


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