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Apogen – Boost your immune system and prevent flu naturally

  • 7 years ago

In the past few years, we have written a lot about Apogen and how it can prevent flu by boosting your immune system. Let’s sum it up.

What is Apogen?

Apogen® is a trademarked ingredient owned by FEBICO used in a system of products that has specific microalgae protein extracts that have been shown to prevent viral infections, particularly influenza, in Journal of Medical Virology1 and in the USA Patent2. You can learn more about Apogen in our FAQ

Who can take Apogen?

Apogen can be taken by adults and children. We have special granules and chewables developed especially for kids. More about them here

Our Apogen line

Apogen line

Apogen Line

Apogen is available as capsules, granules and chewable form for children, and Tincture (more about Tincture here)

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