APOGEN for ANTI-VIRUS, New Dietary Supplement by FEBICO

  • 3 years ago

FEBICO invested almost 10 years of R&D in the self-cultivation of their organic spirulina FEM101 to extract the purest water soluble Apogen microalgae protein. In a research collaborated with the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Chang Gung University in 1999, FEBICO found that the Apogen microalgae protein contains APC, CPC which is proved to effectively control and resist Enterovirus 71, Influenza virus A / B type, delay virus replicating speed, and slow down the process of aptosis. This research is patented in the United States (US patent 6346408) and Taiwanese patent ( TW patent I 272947), and was published in the Journal of Medical Virology 2003 70:119-125).

In 2002, FEBICO continued studies on the types of viruses the Apogen is capable of suppressing. The research shows that the Apogen microalgae protein is capable of suppressing 6 types of enterovirus, Influenza virus A / B type, and 9 types of herpes simplex virus. In 2006 FEBICO also began researches on respiratory rotavirus. According to National Taiwan University’s empirical studies, Apogen once again proves that it is effective in suppressing respiratory rotavirus. Ensuring that the Apogen microalgae protein is a multifunctional type of material that is capable of suppressing different types of viruses.

Apogen microalgae protein is extracted from natural spirulina. It is water soluble, safe to use and is currently being produced by different types of dosages, including tablets or powder form. It can protect oral mucosa cells, form protective protection films and prevent virus attacks, which makes it a natural immune remedy against viruses.

The fast changing pace of human’s environment, enables the world to be contracted with viruses in very short time. Under unavoidable circumstances, people should begin by preventing it with a stable healthy foundation for human’s bodies, building a firewall, and stay far away from the threats of new viruses.

Therefore, it works best against a broad spectrum of viruses and prevents them gone bad. Let’s shop!!

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