Apogen® Children Chewable: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby

  • 3 years ago

Viral threat is rising a red alert recently. Adults have a stronger immune system so we can better defense those virus like Enterovirus. How about your kids in kindergarten? Kids are running around and in close contact with other kids. One single infection might spread very quickly to other kids!

Apogen® Children Chewable: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby

Product Features

  • Scientifically proved to block viruses from entering cells
  • Scientifically proved to prevent Type A and B Flu, and H1N1
  • DHA for optimal eye and brain development and function
  • Chewable form perfect for children with growing teeth.
  • Natural and can be taken daily with no side effects
  • US Patent No. US6346408

Major Functions

  • Stimulate children’s immune system and create a health firewall to protect against influenza virus.
  • Apogen patent extraction can help maintain good health and adjust on a balance nutrition


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