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FEBICO® Organic Certified Chlorella/Spirulina Advantages

  Check it out! Organic is our commitment to provide the cleanest, and best quality microalgae to you. FEBICO®  Organic Certified Chlorella/Spirulina Advantages: Largest microalgae supplier in Asia (Taiwan). Microalgae cultivated in an unpolluted, native environment. Multiple certifications attributed from professional research team. Certified by USDA National Organic Program (NOP), Naturland organic from Germany, Halal Certificate. High-valued biotechnology company. Pure, ...

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Buy Organic Chlorella/Spirulina from the Original Manufacturer

Chlorella or Spirulina are two of the nutrient-enriched superfoods that are popular these days. Many people get benefits from taking these whole supplements. These are produced in meeting the needs of people. They are known for their vital nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber andpolyunsaturated fatty acid. They offer many benefits to people, especially to diabetic and cancer patients. ...

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Say No To Synthetic Vitamins, Green Vitamins Work in Synergy

*What is synthetic vitamin?  Chemical Vitamins are synthesized from labs and it is an isomeric form of natural substance, i.e. its structurally the same but is not compatible with other natural ingredient. For example, when we eat green vegetables or fruits such as grapefruit, its rich source of vitamins and flavonoid work in sync to enhance a better utilization, whereas ...

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Taiwanese Chlorella Proven to Contain Lowest Heavy Metal

A certified organic product doesn’t necessary mean that a product is cleaner, or of the highest quality. The organic status is actually a method of producing or cultivating the product. A certified organic product consists of the following characteristics during production. No synthetic fertilizers No chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides used during the organic Chlorella production Natural fertilizers and mediums produced ...

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Did You Know That ‘Natural’ Foods can still contain GMOs? The Main Difference Between ORGANIC and NATURAL.

Have you ever wondered what “natural” and “organic” mean on labels? If so, you’re not alone. Food labels today are filled with a number of ingredients that are barely pronounceable, let alone common enough to know what they actually are. The good news is that with more and more people looking for healthier options to choose from at supermarkets, there ...

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