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Enterovirus Infection Cases Rising As Peak Season Approaches

By Lee I-chia Date: May 11, 2016 Reference: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2016/05/11/2003646009 HIGHS AND LOWS: A CDC official said that the number of cases reported in Singapore is the highest in five years, but in Japan it is the lowest in 10 years The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) yesterday said enterovirus infection cases reported last week increased by 17.8 percent from the previous week, ...

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Apogen Children Granule: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby

When your newborn baby has an unknown fever, mouth sores, skin rash on palm or foot, your baby might be infected with enterovirus. It’s a contagious disease which causes pain and irritation during infection for a week. You can prevent these symptoms with Apogen Children Granule Apogen® Children Granule: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby Product Features Scientifically proved to block ...

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Apogen® Children Chewable: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby

Viral threat is rising a red alert recently. Adults have a stronger immune system so we can better defense those virus like Enterovirus. How about your kids in kindergarten? Kids are running around and in close contact with other kids. One single infection might spread very quickly to other kids! Apogen® Children Chewable: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby Product ...

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Considering a Winter Flu Shot? Here’s a Better Way to ‘Winterize’ Your Immune System

Pharmacies have already begun promoting walk-in flu shots for the “flu season”. The late and early months of each year seem to be when more of us catch colds and come down with the flu. So what measures can you take to ensure you are not sidelined with nagging colds or a debilitating flu episode? This article will give you nine ...

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Daily Protection From Flu and Virus Just For You by FEBICO

Viruses are exposed very frequently nowadays, mostly spread through saliva and contact. It is also often seen in everyday news, the reports and cases of new viruses contracted by people who have weaker immune systems such as children, elderly, and frequent travelers in and out of public areas. Just like the wide spread of Enterovirus during the summer season, infection ...

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APOGEN for ANTI-VIRUS, New Dietary Supplement by FEBICO

FEBICO invested almost 10 years of R&D in the self-cultivation of their organic spirulina FEM101 to extract the purest water soluble Apogen microalgae protein. In a research collaborated with the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Chang Gung University in 1999, FEBICO found that the Apogen microalgae protein contains APC, CPC which is proved to effectively control and resist Enterovirus ...

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