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Threats of mercury based tooth fillings to your health

Threats of mercury based tooth fillings to your health Mercury was the most common material dental workers has been using for tooth/amalgam fillings over decades. It is used due to its favorable characteristics

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“Favorite Chlorella/Spirulina Recipe disclosed”

Many people complain about the taste of chlorella and spirulina to be a bit fishy. That’s because you probably have bought a source with a polluted area such as parts of China and affect its quality

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WHO- Dioxins and their effects on human health

We accumulate toxins from our daily food without knowing it, and it stays till your body can’t take it anymore. Chlorella is a nutrient dense food with great detoxing ability. What’s even better

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With all these problematic meat, how do you keep yourself safe from eating fast food burgers again?

Chlorella is Rich in Dietary Fibers to Enhance Bowel Movement Chlorella is rich in dietary fibers which help promote gastrointestinal motility, defecation, and maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Fibers

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Prevent Toxins From Eating Organic Spirulina, and Detox by Eating Organic Chlorella!!

Since the radioactive contaminations of food products from the nuclear incident in Japan, there have been endless reports on food safety. Followed by the more recent E.coli infected German vegetables,

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