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Fight the Bite- Dengue Fever Prevention

What to do Dengue Fever Prevention?? Dengue and severe dengue Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection. The infection causes flu-like illness, and occasionally develops into a potentially lethal complication

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APOGEN- Natural Remedy against viral infection!

There are just so many virus around us nowadays EBOLA, EV71, Flu and Rotavirus. How do you protect your children from all these at school? Ebola Virus Disease (WHO) Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly

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Apogen Children Granule: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby

When your newborn baby has an unknown fever, mouth sores, skin rash on palm or foot, your baby might be infected with enterovirus. It’s a contagious disease which causes pain and irritation during

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Apogen® Children Chewable: Natural Immune Booster For Your Baby

Viral threat is rising a red alert recently. Adults have a stronger immune system so we can better defense those virus like Enterovirus. How about your kids in kindergarten? Kids are running around and

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The Terminator Of Enteroviruses- Apogen Microalgae Protein

The CDC presented surveillance data that showed the amount of patients treated for foot and mouth disease had accumulated over 23000 people, and that was the figures of last week, which means the numbers

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Spirulina has been a very popular green food due to its excellent nutritional properties. Consumers across the world have been using Spirulina for its health benefits, but now a new possible benefit is

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FEBICO Apogen Tincture: The Daily Dose to Build a Firewall for Our Immune Systems

With the flu season approaching quickly, we need to be wary of the many types of influenza viruses that can easily come our way. The cold weather itself is not the sole reason for all the unpleasant viruses

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Apogen Capsule for Immune Wellness (FEBICO)

Apogen Capsules provide sufficient nutrition sources such as, vitamin B group, essential amino acids, trace elements, etc., to balance the required nutritions the body needs even on a busy day. For better

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