Spirulina has been a very popular green food due to its excellent nutritional properties. Consumers across the world have been using Spirulina for its health benefits, but now a new possible benefit is being discussed – weight loss. A new report by Perfect Supplements aims to find out more about the Spirulina weight loss connection.

Spirulina, the amazing micro-algae superfood, is now being touted as a weight loss product and here are the three main reasons why this may be true:

First, since Spirulina is a very concentrated nutrient rich whole food which helps to suppress hunger and cravings and gives you a full feeling. One serving of Spirulina an hour before a meal may help to satisfy your appetite so you will eat less. The high protein content may also help with overeating and binge eating. You will be less likely to feel hunger between meals.

Second, your body will function more efficiently because the food you eat will be more easily digested and eliminated from your body. If food doesn’t linger, there is less time for fat to be stored. Spirulina also boosts healthy bacteria in the intestines which aid in elimination and may even give relief from constipation.

Third, Spirulina is an energy booster, so it helps you burn more calories. It can increase metabolism and keep your body in balance. As we age our metabolism slows down and we can’t eat or digest the large quantities of food we ate when we were younger. Spirulina will get your body feeling younger and healthier in every way. Spirulina may even provide extra energy and brain boosting power when at work. It may improve overall physical condition and help people to feel stronger. It is recommended for athletes, for anyone with poor dietary habits, and for people who want to boost their immune systems

Paul Morelli, Product Development Manager at PerfectSupplements.Com states, “Spirulina is nutrient packed food and eating healthy, nutritious food should be part of any diet program. Spirulina is not a miracle weight loss cure, but combined with diet and exercise, it can be a very helpful ingredient to throw into the mix.” The PerfectSupplements.Com Special report identifies the Perfect Aquatic Greens as the best source of Spirulina and Chlorella. The Perfect Aquatic Greens in the only 100% Organic and Fair-Trade Certified Spirulina and Chlorella product on the market. Morelli concludes, “If you want to see any positive impact from Spirulina, you need to make sure you are taking pure and Organic Spirulina.”


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