Apogen – Boost your immune system and prevent flu naturally

In the past few years, we have written a lot about Apogen and how it can prevent flu by boosting your immune system. Let’s sum it up. What is Apogen? Apogen® is a trademarked ingredient owned by FEBICO used in a system of products that has specific microalgae protein extracts that have been shown to prevent viral infections, particularly influenza, ...

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Febico’s Black Friday 50% off sale

Hello everyone! Black Friday is coming and we would like to take this opportunity to offer you some of our products at a great price. You can save 50% on selected items. Please visit our Febico Store  for more details.    

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how to prevent flu naturally apogen

How to prevent flu naturally

Flu can be dangerous. In the USA only, 36 000 people die and more than 200 000 are hospitalized each year because of the flu. Hopefully, we are not helpless against it. How to prevent flu naturally? Eat well A well-balanced diet which provides all necessary nutritions has a big impact on building your body’s immune system. Food rich in ...

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