healthy pizza

How to make a healthy pizza?

Homemade pizza without gluten, without yeast and no mozzarella? Yes, it’s possible! This time we came up with a new recipe for a quinoa Pizza. Quinoa pizza is not only delicious, it’s also healthy and since it’s gluten free it can be enjoyed by people with gluten intolerance. Ingredients for 1 small healthy pizza: Dough: – 3/4 cup of dry quinoa – ...

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Algae Mask

Algae mask – a way for healthy skin

Algae mask is a natural way to healthy skin. Algae mask nowadays is a very popular method of skin care. That’s because algae can give your skin some tremendous health benefits. Algae – what are they?   Algae are aquatic plants that belong to a wide group of seaweed. They are the oldest organisms on Earth which for many years ...

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5 healthy habits to jump start your week

5 healthy habits to jump-start your week

Look at John ↑ ↑ ↑ (yes, that’s the guy from the picture above). Do you see his face? This is how most of us look on Mondays. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With just a few tweaks you can jump-start your week and make it much more productive. And happier. Don’t be like John. Learn how our ...

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Vireo Vita Smoothie

Vireo Vita Smoothie – new product on our store

Hello, Summer is here and for us, it’s a perfect time to introduce some new products. We found something really good and decided to carry it in our store. Vireo is a Taiwanese food start-up which concentrates on creative ways of using chlorella and spirulina. One of their new products is Vita Smoothie. Vireo Vita Smoothie Vita smoothie combines chlorella ...

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Algae face mask

Anti-aging & Moisturizing Algae Face Mask

We have a new product in our store – Algae face mask. Algae Face Mask Our new AGF Anti-aging, Repairing & Moisturizing Mask uses the power of Coenzyme Q10, Arginine, and Aminobutyric acid to remove wrinkles. Other ingredients help your skin stay hydrated and protected from environmental damage. Special formula penetrates the skin to remove even deep wrinkles. Magnetic water ...

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Maca benefits - boost your masculinity

Maca benefits – boost your masculinity

Maca is a plant native to high Andes of Peru. It was first found at Meseta de Bombón in the Andes. Before it became famous as a medicine it has been consumed in varied forms in Andean Mountains for centuries. Maca was even consumed by Inca imperial warriors before battles. They believed the root has many benefits and will grant ...

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Holidays – May 27-30

Hello, We will have short holidays here at Febico from May 27 to 30.  During this time you can still place your orders but we will proceed them after we are back, on Wednesday, May 31st. Sorry for the inconvenience

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mother's day Febico

Febico Mother’s Day Sale

Happy Mother’s Day Use the code ILOVEMYMOM during the checkout to get 10% off on all of your orders. Offer runs from today until Sunday, May 14th.  

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